Where are the pollution hotspots?

The 50 most polluted places in the UK

The Government has released a list of the fifty most polluted stretches of road in the UK in 2013 to the campaign group Clean Air in London, and their predictions for the most pollution spots in future years.

The map below shows the sections of road with the highest nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in 2013. This map shows official government modelling released under Environmental Information Regulations, not my own interpretation. You can:

The darker the red, the worse the pollution levels.

Cleaning our air

This pollution problem isn't inevitable, we can clean London's air. These are three things I'd like to see the Mayor implement.

Please note, these are my views as an individual Assembly Member and not those of the London Assembly.

Climate rush bike ride protest

Traffic reduction

Reduce polluting traffic by lowering public transport fares, and by making it nicer and safer to walk and cycle.

Fuel cell bus

Clean buses

Only buy hybrid buses and aim for zero emission (electric and hydrogen fuel cell) buses by 2020.

Low Emission Zone

Ban on dirty vehicles

Bring forward the Mayor's Ultra Low Emission Zone, only allowing clean vehicles into central London.

What do you think about air pollution in London and the possible solutions? Let me know.